Among the basic needs of humans, clothing is one of the most important needs. Humans are supposed to wear clothes for covering their bodies. From the very beginning, when there was no concept of clothing, humans were supposed to wear leaves on their bodies. In this way, with time, the ways of tackling things also changed. Now clothing has become one of the aesthetic styles of representing a person’s self. In this way, along with the concept of clothing, various other things also evolved. The modern versions of clothing styles are named as fashion. With time, this fashion has also evolved to a high extent. In the 21st century, people are having the most modern form of fashion which has evolved from the centuries. There are various versions of fashion, people are mostly only aware of the fashion of the 21st century but they must know about the interesting forms of fashion which were used before. It is highly important, to know the history as well, so, you can get to know where you are and how far the world has come.

The fashion in the 6th century:

As the fashion industry is evolving and booming day by day, so, it also has a strong background. This background is making fashion more beautiful and evolved in all ways. There are various things which are famous for the fashion of the 6th century; theatrical costumes are one of them. In that era or period, the Greek plays and dramas were highly famous. In those drams, people were supposed to play specific roles. In those dramas, there were specific costumes described for every role of male or female. In this way, the concept of theatrical costumes comes in.

When those dramas were becoming popular among local people, so, they started to copy the styles of dresses and all costumes which role players were wearing. In this way, all theatrical costumes were getting popularity among local people.

The attractiveness of theatrical costumes:

Those dramas of Greeks were mostly based on religious stories so, the local people were highly admired by the styles and dressings of those role players. It was highly restricted, for all players to wear normal clothes while acting. In this way, when those dramas were getting high popularity among people, so, the costumes were also taking place in the hearts of common people. Those puffy selves, along with long frocks for women were highly attractive and mostly females were trying to copy those styles. In this way, the males were attracted by those gentlemen wearing styles as well.

As the impact of those dramas and costumes was highly strong, so, after that fall of that period people continued to worn those dresses. Those theatrical costumes become part of the history of fashion. In this way, it was becoming famous among people to call those all dresses as theatrical costumes. The history of dramas and Greek stories can also be memorized by putting these theatrical costumes in mind because they have become the sign of those dramas.